Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Runesoup - Scarlet Imprint Interviewed

Scarlet Imprint were recently interviewed by Runesoup for the Find the Others series which has previously featured Jake Stratton-Kent.

An opportunity for us to have a more informal discussion about ‘…eschatology, surfing, post-imperialism, the role of death in magic, art, dance and, of course the role of the book in magic… both its positive and negative one’. As Gordon says, ‘A continuing thread through my discussion with Peter and Alkistis is whether it is possible to extract oneself from the monoculture, why so few people do it and the role of subversion at the heart of magic. It seems to be the ontological matter of the age’.

We have a lot of interview requests but chose to accept this one as Runesoup.com is one of the most intelligent blogs on magic that can be found on the internet. We hope you enjoy it.

The interview can be seen in the original context here: http://runesoup.com/2014/05/find-the-others-episode-7-scarlet-imprint/

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