Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Serpent Songs first review (and digital edition)

First review of Serpent Songs just in from Michael Howard editor of The Cauldron:

I have finally received my copy of the limited edition book 'Serpent Songs' published by Scarlet Imprint. It was due out on May Day but had been delayed because of production problems that often bedevil publishers, big and small.

It is an anthology of traditional witchcraft and its 214 pages contain sixteen lengthy essays by various modern practitioners representing a wide range of streams. The subjects covered inlude Cornish pellars and witches, the Italian stregoneria, Basque witchcraft  and mythology, Joe Wilson, hoodoo and the 1734 tradition, exorcists, conjurors and cunning men in post-Reformation England, the modern trolldom tradition of folk magic in Sweden, the art of Andrew D.Chumbley, Bogomilian and Byzantine influences on historical witchcraft, and working magically with animal body parts and bones.

Some of the contributions effectively capture the unique ambience of Traditional Craft and its roots in the past in an evocative way. Others are more intellectually orientated and may be hard going for some readers. Also a few of the essays would have been enhanced by some background information for beginners on the people, groups and traditions discussed as the writers presume everybody reading the book has some knowledge of them. However overall 'Serpent Songs' will be useful to anyone interested in modern traditional witchcraft and its many aspects.

We have also released the book as a limitless digital bibliotheque rouge title in epub and mobi format to go alongside the limited hardback release.

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