Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Eye of Night

A talk given by Alkistis Dimech on All Souls' Day 2012, for the Day of the Dead organised by the Occult Consultancy, Glastonbury, UK.

'The Eye of Night' is an introduction to the goetic spirit Bune, one of the necromantic specialists of the European spirit tradition, whose relationship with Hekate and the bacchanal of Hades is explored.
The methodology of emblematic decipherment is given, whereby the sorceror and spirit commune in the realm of vision and dream.

Matters covered include orientation in ritual and land, the katabasis or descent to the underworld, and menstrual and lunar cycles. Finally, some pointers are given for the construction of a dream vessel, as both shrine and ship for navigating the lunar mysteries.

The talk presents material that will be covered in greater depth in our forthcoming work on the Ars Goetia, due late 2013.

Field recording courtesy of Al Cummins.

The Ship of Death
D H Lawrence

Part V

Build then the ship of death, for you must take
the longest journey, to oblivion.

And die the death, the long and painful death
that lies between the old self and the new.

Already our bodies are fallen, bruised, badly bruised,
already our souls are oozing through the exit
of the cruel bruise.

Already the dark and endless ocean of the end
is washing in through the breaches of our wounds,
already the flood is upon us.

Oh build your ship of death, your little ark
and furnish it with food, with little cakes, and wine
for the dark flight down oblivion.


Fox said...

An excellent talk; very interesting.

Balthazar said...

Was blown away by this. Brilliant.

Viperion Veneficus said...

shame i couldn't be there on the day but it was a brilliant talk - looking forward to Abominations very much !

chrisxopage said...

"...and strangely, O chilled wan soul, a flush of rose.

A flush of rose, and the whole thing starts again..."

Thank you for the recording. A beautiful talk that has grandly opened up my understanding of goetic magick, and particularly ways to approach it. There's not many folks that would bring Artaud into the equation. More (or less) Fool them.


Scarlet Imprint said...

Thanks all!