Monday, 15 October 2012

Witchcraft and the Dead

A brace of upcoming Scarlet Imprint public appearances talking on Witchcraft and the Dead:

Second Annual Day of the Dead 
Saturday November 3
George and Pilgrim
Glastonbury UK

Hosted by the Saint Martha Botanica, the second iteration of this vibrant gathering takes place in the open gated New Age asylum that is Glastonbury.

The occult re-conquest continues with Jake Stratton-Kent, Josephine McCarthy and Stuart Littlejohn amongst the speakers. We are also delighted that our friends at Hadean Press will be making the trip over from France.

Alkistis Dimech will be speaking on necromancy and dream work with a focus on the Goetic spirit Bune. This is another element of Abominations our major reformation of the Goetia, which had been slated for publication this year but has been delayed by our commitment to other mansuscripts and the sheer size of the task, now in it's fifth year of work. Abominations is now due in 2013.  

The Day of the Dead is a well attended friendly affair, and the number of tickets are limited, so worth getting yours very soon.

Official webpage and tickets can be had here:

Facebook link for those chained to the tyranny of social media

Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft
Saturday November 10
The Wellington Hotel

We continue to support the work of the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall an essential resource for the magical, witchcraft and pagan communuty. This event is for Friends of the museum only, but membership can be purchased on the day.
Peter Grey is amongst the invited speakers for the AGM and get together this year and will be giving a talk entitled To the Sabbath. Joesphine McCarthy will be talking on necromancy, Damh the Bard on Druidry with Graham King showing a film on Men, Magic and Museums.
The day starts at ten in the morning, runs through til four and continues in the bar after the agm until a boozy midnight chimes. For those making the long journey West, there is an informal meet up on the Friday from 8pm at the Wellington bar.

In related news Sitting Now are cutting the footage from our Pleasure Dome event this Summer, which we hope to share with you soon.

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