Friday, 21 September 2012

New title: Exu and the Quimbanda of Night and Fire

As we reach the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere we announce our newest title, now available to pre-order.

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold's Exu & the Quimbanda of Night and Fire, is the strong companion to Pomba Gira and together with her gives the most complete account of this sorcerous cult. This is an encyclopaedic study of the devilish opposer.

Full details here:

Exu is the fusion of Umbanda, Angolan sorcery, European demonology and Kardec's spiritsm, erupting in a uniquely Brazilian cult of practical magical action. Spells, workings, hierarchies and origins are all given in detail. This is an essential text for students of the grimoires, Satanism and Traditional Witchcraft, as well as those drawn to, or working within, the cults of Quimbanda, Candomble, Santeria, Palo Mayombe and the ATRs. Quimbanda is a living tradition that gets results. It is a massive storehouse of magical lore, heresies and history which has absorbed aspects of Goetia, Grimorium Verum, Red Dragon and even Huysman's La Bas.

Frisvold is an intiate and gives an insider's view, drawing upon his years of experience in the cult. With access to texts, manuscripts and personal testimony, this is the most definitive work on Exu available in English. His previous works have gained acclaim amongst the most demanding of critics, those within the cult itself. 

The origin of Exu is explored from the iconic Baphomet of Eliphas Levi and the influence of St Cyprian the patron saint of necromancers, back to Umbanda and the traditional African religions. Exu revels in a unique heritage that encompasses a Gnostic account of the crucifixion mystery, the concealed nature of St Michael Archangel and the native Shamanism of the Caboclos. A forceful spirit, Exu presides over the kingdom of the world, and offers a fierce path for those that would have him as companion. He asks, what does it mean to be a man?

The Seven Legions of Exus are 'hot' spirits, and their work is considered black magic. The perils of this work are given, with the dangers of obsession by the Qlippoth and vampirism described. Guidance is offered and the path to ascension shown. This is a mature understanding forged in night and fire.

An octavo book of 336 pp illustrated with ten portraits of Exu in pen and ink by Enoque Zedro, and over 120 pontos riscados/seals.
Explicit workings for good and ill, a herbarium and details of offerings, powders and baths and songs make this an essential resource. Frisvold also discusses the fearsome Exu Mor for the first time, a subject not treated in his previous works.

The standard Caveira edition
769 exemplars

The boards are dressed in black moire cloth with a sunken letterpress panel depicting Exu Caveira.
Head and tails bands, archival quality paper, textured red endpapers.

£44 plus postage
UK pre-order
European pre-order
USA, Canada and Worldwide pre-order
(The standard hardback is expected to ship by All Souls Day)

The fine bound Mor edition
70 exemplars

Full black goatskin, extravagantly blind stamped with tridents about a gilt medallion heart.
Raised bands on spine, sombre marbled endpapers, ribboned, slipcased and reeking of cigar smoke and iron.

£200 plus secure postage

Fine edition is now Sold Out

(Bibliotheque Rouge
paperback and digital (epub and mobi) editions will also be available in due course.)

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold is an anthropologist and psychologist who over the course of the last fifteen years been studying, both academically and practically, African and Afro-derived cults in the New World. This has led to a multiplicity of initiations into Vodou, both from Benin and Haiti, Santeria, Kimbanda, Palo Mayombe and Ifá. He belongs to the council of elders in the Ogboni society of Abeokuta, Nigeria. He has for the last decade lived in Brazil where his studies and involvement in traditional forms of metaphysics, faith, cult and witchcraft is a constant theme in his life.

His previous works with Scarlet Imprint are Pomba Gira & the Quimbanda of Mbumba Nzila, and Palo Mayombe - The Garden of Blood & Bones and an illuminating essay on Ifa in At the Crossroads.


Viperion Veneficus said...

Been waiting for this book to come out for a while and really really looking forward to it !!! An other excellent publication from Scarlet Imprint !!!

Valeyard said...

It's going to be a long wait till November my friend.

Viperion Veneficus said...

Well worth it tho, and time passes by like nothing!

ConjureMan Ali said...

I am definitely looking forward to this text. Knowing Nick, its going to top-notch work as usual.

Valeyard said...

Absolutely, but you're no slouch yourself - I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter "Goetic Initiation" in the latest Scarlet Imprint title, "At the Crossroads." It was insightful and tied a lot of the recent current together quite well. I kept finding myself nodding and smiling as I progressed.

ConjureMan Ali said...

Why, thank you Valeyard. I'm glad you enjoyed it.