Thursday, 9 August 2012

At the Crossroads - in stock and shippng

What happens when Western Magic intersects with the African Traditional and Diaspora religions?
The collision and fusion is documented in the work of sixteen magicians and artists whose approaches vary from the most traditional to the wildest avant garde in At the Crossroads.

At the Crossroads comprises extensive essays and artwork from:

Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold, Jake Stratton Kent, Aaron Leitch, Stephen Grasso, Michael Cecchetelli, Eric K Lerner, Kyle Fite, Richard Ward, Humberto Maggi, Drac Uber and Ivy Kerrigan, Ryan Valentine, Hagen Von Tulien, ConjureMan Ali, Chad Balthazar and Angela Edwards.

Spanning Santeria, Voudon, Palo and Conjure, to the Grimoires, Alchemy, Cunning Craft and the Greek Magical Papyri, there are a staggering diversity of approaches to consider.

This collection answers the question about what the future shape of magic will be with living examples of practice, ritual and art.

Whether you agree with all of the strategies employed or not, what is certain is that this process is accelerating and unstoppable.

We find ourselves at the crossroads.

At the Crossroads
is a small quarto book of 208pp.
Extensively illustrated in both colour and black and white.
Bound in a black and white cloth with blood red blocking.

The standard Crossed edition costs £44 plus postage.

(All pre-ordered copies of the standard hardback are now being prepared and sent.)

The fine Compassed edition is in the process of being bound.
Full leather charged with a stang swarmed by a quartet of blind debossed dancing devils.
Oxblood and iron custom marbled ends.
Gilt edges, ribboned, slipcased and finished to the highest standards.

The fine edition costs £200 plus secure postage.
(We would strongly suggest reserving and pre-ordering your fine edition now, if you have not already done so.)

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