Friday, 6 July 2012

Go Ask Alice

Delighted to share our latest occult podcasts recorded with Deeper Down the Rabbit hole.

First up Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech talk about all things Scarlet Imprint from the process of talismanic publishing to the impact of the digital revolution on modern magic:

In the next episode Nichalaj De Mattos Frisvold discusses Quimbanda and Pomba Gira.

Dr Frisvold has an important essay on Ifa in our new title At the Crossroads. One of the more conventional approaches in the collection, as befits a tradition holder.  This title is available for pre-order here.

We also recommend following Nick's blog here:

He will return in a future podcast to discuss Palo Mayombe. (Our readers should be aware that the hardback of this title is becoming scarce.)

Although the sound quality with skype is always going to be an issue, if you lie down in a darkened room and clamp some cans over your ears then we'd say that you will get most out of them.

In further publishing news Carl Abrahamsson, who will be presenting at our Pleasure Dome event, has announced Fenris Wolf 5 available through his Edda publishing house. Peter Grey has an essay in the collection based on his presentation at the Save the Abbey of Thelema conference. We highly recommend Fenris Wolf as a contemporary journal of occulture. Worth picking up a copy before they inevitably sell out.

(Fenris Wolf 5 launches in the Atlantis Bookshop in London on the Thursday before our event and copies will also be on sale in Brighton.)

A Pleasure Dome gets ever closer, come and join us in Brighton on Saturday July 21 for a day and night of more than illusory splendours.
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Justin Patrick Moore said...

Thanks for posting these links. I'll be listening.

I just wanted to drop in two links from the podcast of my radio show:

A conversation with Oryelle Defenestrate-Bascule here, on Solve et Coagula and other recent magicks:
The talks with Oryelle starts after some music...and also features some great music by him.

And an interview with John Michael Greer about Blood of the Earth and other things here:

There are also a number of other episodes of interest to the occult and magical community.


Justin Patrick Moore

Justin Patrick Moore said...

That last link for JMG should be:

Scarlet Imprint said...

Thanks for those Justin.
We'll be listening to them later!

projectedmayhem said...

Thanks for both the print you provide and the knowledge you present in such finely bound editions.

I've looked forward to each edition I've been able to afford, as well as longed for the ability to attend certain in person events, despite sometimes the apparent hilarity I find in them.

Hilarity is a good thing.

- blackbird.young

projectedmayhem said...