Monday, 25 June 2012

At the Crossroads

We have opened the pre-order for our latest offering:

At the Crossroads

This is where the paths of magicians and worlds meet. 

For those who are not on our subscriber list, these are the details...
At the Crossroads tells the stories of what happens when the Western Magical Tradition encounters the African Diaspora and Traditional Religions, and vice versa.
It is a mixing and a magic that speaks of a truly new world emerging.
In this conjuring of kindred spirits, experiences are shared between initiates of very different cultures whose magic proves to be underpinned by the same principles, though clothed in different garb.We find the grimoires of Old Europe flourishing in the New World, Juju spreading through the United States, the Cunning Men of Essex rendering service to the Loa of Haitian Voudon, Alchemists who are Paleros, the techniques of the Greek Magical Papyri applied to conjure counter hexing. This is fertile ground for the imagination, and for practice.

Traditions as diverse as Ifa, Palo Mayombe, Solomonic Magic, Espiritismo Cruzado, Greek Necromancy, Santeria, Cunning Craft, Alchemy, Haitian Voudou, American Vodou, Voudon Gnosis and Quimbanda are represented in essays, artworks and visions, criss-crossing more than two hundred inspiring and thought provoking pages.
At The Crossroads is a small quarto book, extensively illustrated, in both black & white and colour, with original artworks and in depth essays by the leading writers of the occult community from New York to Bristol to Brazil.

Our established authors are represented, with essays from Jake Stratton-Kent, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, Michael Cecchetelli and Peter Grey.

We also have work from Aaron Leitch, Kyle Fite, Eric K Lerner, Richard Ward, Stephen Grasso and Humberto Maggi, whose work has featured in previous anthologies Devoted, Howlings, Diabolical and XVI.

In addtition we introduce and welcome ConjureMan Ali, Chad Balthazar, Christopher D Bradford, Angela Edwards, Ivy Kerrigan and Drac Uber, Ryan Valentine and Hagen Von Tulien to the pages of this collection.

From the most traditional approaches to the wildest fringes of the avant garde, At the Crossroads boldly demands your attention.
200 pp, small 4to 230 x 210mm, extensively illustrated with original full colour artwork, black and white images, and veve.

Available to pre-order now as both a standard hardback and fine-binding as Crossed and Compassed editions respectively.
The standard Crossed edition
800 hand-numbered exemplars.
Bound in a fine French black and white cloth.
Blood red blocking depicting the mystery of the crossroads.
Embossed vermillion endpapers, text printed on archival quality paper.
The Crossed edition costs £44 plus postage.

UK buyers
European buyers
United States and Worldwide buyers

The fine-bound Compassed edition
64 hand-numbered exemplars.
Hand bound in full off-white goatskin, charged with a stang about which swarm the shadows of four dancing devils.
Oxblood and iron custom marbled endpapers.
Leather head & tail bands. Slipcased and ribboned.
The Compassed edition costs £200 plus secure postage.

UK buyers

European buyers

United States and Worldwide buyers

Standard hardbacks should ship in early August with fine editions following some six weeks later.
(Please note, there will be NO paperback edition of this title due to the extensive colour and format of this work, though digital Bibliotheque Rouge epub and mobi editions will be available.)

A complete list of essays and contributors can be found here:

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