Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mandragora sinks her roots into Chicago

We have a confimed launch party for Mandragora in Chicago on Saturday June 2 2012 at 7pm at the Life Force Arts Center.

A chthonic and deeply rooted work, Mandragora is a companion volume to Scarlet Imprint's poetry anthology, Datura, and comprises nine extensive essays and the works of 48 poets.

The launch features spoken word by Mandragora's poets Anna Applegate, Ariana Dawnhawk and Jennifer Lawrence, followed by a book signing.

Ruby Sara, editor of Mandragora and Datura writes,

"for me there truly is no difference on a metaphysical level between poetry and magick - they are the same movement, and you cannot have true magick without poetry (or true poetry without magick). Poetry is the language of magick, it is magick given voice and form. On a practical level, the human voice is a critical instrument in various manner of spellcraft, as is language... history bears this out thoroughly I think... and in my experience, spellcraft is hugely enhanced by applying to it the music and rhythm and articulate beauty of invocative, resonant poetry."

Featured Poets reading at the book launch:

Anna Applegate, is a wordslinger for fun and profit, who sees poetry as being akin to shamanism, given that both disciplines make use of exalted states of consciousness to journey between worlds, and whose work is informed by a mythic lens of perception that peels back the layers of mundane awareness to expose the throbbing pulse of the Numinous in Divine Feminine form.

Jennifer Lawrence
is an obsessive gardener, herbalist, poet, walker through woods, animist, collector of animal relics, and a multi-trad pagan polytheist (Greek recon/Irish recon/heathen) with a relatively recent interest in shamanistic and cunning-folk practices.

Ariana Dawnhawk is an eclectic and professional creative. Her influences include Feri, Morningstar, Neo Wicca, Thelema, and a group known as The Department. She is active in her local OTO body and kink community.

Official event page is here:

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Alkistis and I wish we could be there for it, and will be raising a glass to the poets from this side of the Atlantic. This is such an accomplished collection brought together by our poetry editor, the talented Ruby Sara. 

The United Kingdom launch will be celebrated by our poets at our Summer Festival: A Pleasure Dome with performance by Chris Page, reading by Paul Holman and Al Cummins presenting on Cut-Up. Plus experimental film, dance, lectures and licentiousness from an international cast of magicians, witches and media manipulators.

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