Monday, 16 April 2012

Lucifer in the Grimoires

Lucifer is clearly present in the Grimoire tradition. Often discarded as autocratic, christian, inpenetrable or simply 'old aeon' the grimoires are being re-assessed by a new generation of magicians.  

In this talk Peter Grey dissects one of the most notorious of the grimoire rituals, through Grand Grimoire, Red and Black Dragons, paring back the layers of artifice to a raw shamanic confrontation ‘In the skin of the Beast’. An exegesis with far reaching implications for grimoire magicians and their dealings with Lucifer.

Original source material for the Grand Grimoire and Red Dragon can be found at Joseph Peterson's excellent Twilight  Grotto:

Our edition of Black Dragon (translated by Michael Cecchetelli) is available here in hardback, paperback and digital editions, a very curious text:


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Hail Lucifer!


Chris said...

io peter io peter io peter

still have man crush!

'thus they open up not to the bottomless pits of hell but to ancestry , underworld and understanding'!

beautifully put!

really looking forward to The Pleasure dome

Scarlet Imprint said...

Thanks Chris!