Friday, 6 April 2012

For he on honeydew hath fed..

We are pleased to reveal the panoply of delights that await you at:

Six speakers, two dancers, ritual, theatre, poetry and a magic lantern show comprising the best occult short films. A major visionary event for the European magical community.

Our confirmed speakers are:

Carl Abrahamsson
A recent focus in Abrahamsson's writings/lectures has been the multicoloured area between art and the occult: their many intersections and often vital offspring. In 2011, he "initiated" an occult art project which deals with the creation of a "mega-golem": one magical being consisting of artworks. His talk at the Pleasure Dome will touch upon this, in relation to a tradition of visionary art.

Al Cummins
Cut-up - the manipulation of existant material to form new / the sundered newspaper, the exploded ticket / aleatoric juxtaposition, dada hagiography, dub literature / paeans to Atropos, lady of the sacred scissors - patron of mosiac, collage and chimeras / the Fate who widens the windows of the soul. / a talk on cut-up by cut-up. / fragments of poetry, prose, lecture and improvisation / "...divided for love's sake, for the chance of union." / a celebration of chaos, beauty and the spaces dilated. / paired like lips, two scissor blades make one cut.

Alkistis Dimech
BABALON: Embodiment of Mystery.

Peter Grey
Apocalyptic Witchcraft.

Stuart Inman

On surrealism and magic. (Details forthcoming).

Levannah Morgan
Kenneth Anger is a magician who produced an extraordinary series of short films between the late 1940s and 1981 including INAUGURATION OF THE PLEASURE DOME, SCORPIO RISING, INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER and LUCIFER RISING.Initially working withn Aleister Crowley's magickal system he developed a system of uniquely cinematic magick: films which were created as magickal rituals and which work on their audiences as such. Anger was also the muse and an inspirer of the Luciferian counterculture of London in the 1960s. Every image, every detail of these films as a magickal meaning and purpose. From the orgiastic Rite of Pan which is INAUGURATION OF THE PLEASURE DOME, through the Geburic "attack on the sensorium" (Anger, 1966) of INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER, to the lyrical expression of Anger's personal Lucifer mythos in LUCIFER RISING these films are a brilliantly luminous form of creative magick. In this talk I will look in detail at how Anger created this magick and how it works, and will demonstrate that Anger should be regarded as one of the leading magicians of the 20th century.

Performances by:

Michael Azzato
Returning to give another Egyptian Sha'abi dance after his flamboyant performance at the Summer of Love.

Orryelle Defenstrate-Bascule
The Ancient Greek bard Orpheus torn limb from limb by the Maenads, wildwomen in the retinue of Dionysos. A disembodied head, alone on the currents, adrift on the elements, found by the Knights Templar and become their oracle… A head, having learnt presence, wise and carnal, desires to make a new body... This ritual theatre performance features live song and dance accompanied by a stop-animation film.

Lila Liltih
Tantric dancer and Goddess devotee Lila Lilith will be performing.

Poetry Readings:

Paul Holman,
Chris Page

others tbc.

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This is a not for profit event created by and for the magical community.

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