Friday, 9 March 2012

Scarlet Imprint a Pleasure Dome decree

Scarlet Imprint decree: A Pleasure Dome

Saturday July 21st 2012
11am to 11pm
Brighton UK

Tickets £15 in advance.
Go here to purchase.

With the success of our Summer of Love we have been tempted back to Brighton for Summer 2012 to host another major event.

We decree a Pleasure Dome in the spirit of the visions of Coleridge and Kubla Khan. An opportunity to actively engage in the dreams and visions that will inspire a new generation's Jubilee.

Our line up is being finalised, with six speakers confirmed, international guests and a magic lantern show flickering into life.

Full details will be revealed closer to the event here our blog.

The same special venue has been secured, within sight of the opiate dreamscape of the Pavilion.
This year we focus on the visionary aspects of magic, from Anger to Jarman, cut-up to performance, possession states to poetry, surrealism to the sacred. A happening will unfold with a stellar cast of magicians, witches and media manipulators.
We dare to dream the possible futures.
As well as the multifarious entertainments in the main hall we will be screening short films throughout the event.
If you would like your work to be featured please contact our digital arts curator John Bradburn here.

Wildcard submissions for short performance pieces can be sent to us at our scarletimprint email address.

This is a not for profit event.

Brighton is the occult nexus of the South East. A vibrant, queer throbbing maelstrom a scant hour from London by train, bus and car.

A splendid day out, or a weekend away, with a company of heaven where the boundaries between witchcraft and magic, participant and performer dissolve.
We look forward to welcoming you all to the Pleasure Dome.
If you wish to share these details with your friends, site, or blog the link to our official event page is here:

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