Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Mirror of Sacrifice

Alkistis Dimech's talk, The Mirror of Sacrifice from our 2011 Summer of Love event.
This extensive talk deals with butoh, possession work, dance, the witches' sabbath, mirror neurons and a mass of other material.

Here Alkistis Dimech articulates the occult anatomy of the dancer, exploring the mysteries of concealment and revelation through the body. Physical praxis, cross-tradition research and an appetite for the carnal, trangressive and irrational have led her to reorient the body as the primal present and archaic source of knowing. In  'The Mirror of Sacrifice' the dancer encounters self as sacrifice, the act as divine epiphany, and the manifestation of Life in Death. Among the themes covered may be: imitation and doubling; witnessing & the dynamic of an audience; and a disclosure of some techniques to create what she calls 'the lucid body'.

The talk was accompanied by an evening performance, which was intentionally not filmed.

Further stills from the performance can be seen on our flickr pages here:

Alkistis Dimech has essays exploring some of these themes in both Devoted and XVI with further work in progress.

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