Sunday, 9 October 2011

Woodsmoke and Wormwood

It was back in March 2010 when we went on a Black Pilgrimage travelling from Cornwall to Scotland. This was the first opportunity to put some of the ideas from XVI before different audiences.

We were told by the skeptics that these ideas were not relevant to magic. That the esoteric did not mix with ecology and politics and engagement with the world.
Others thanked us for putting it into words.
For daring to say it.

Now we can all see the fissures crazing their way across The Tower.
Europe is in disarray. Greece set to default. Italy a sham. Spain's youth taking to the streets. Wall Street is occupied. Oil spills and ecological disasters are multiplying. These are not the acts of some recession, depression or slump that we can print our way out of with paper promises.

You are watching a civilisation end.

It is not a banking crisis, it is the devouring of resources with the madness of any monotheism.
There is no infinite economic growth on a finite resource planet.

As magickians we need to engage with the raw forces unleashed in these moments.

Take action to direct where the cards will fall.

To that end I'm posting a set of field recordings of my 'Seeing Through Apocalypse' speech shot with a digi cam that eventually gets the focus right. It gives a feel for the crackling fire and the icy night in a Scottish farmhouse way out in the back of beyond. No fancy cut fades and edits, just a small group of individuals trying to understand what is coming through human psychology, the eschatology of John Dee, and the urgings of Babalon. The polished version is to be found bound into the book, but this document too says something of it and maybe that way the ideas will get out to more people, which is always our aim.

5 comments: said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Great talk. I have posted a link on my site and added my own personal response inspired by your words.

Scarlet Imprint said...

Thanks Seshat, have reposted your very thoughtful response.

Stian Kulystin said...

This blog post really struck home for me. The past 8 days I have gotten deeply involved with the local offshoot of the Occupy Wall St movement. Now mind you this is not my first (or even tenth or twentieth) protest, but never have I felt anything like this. As a magician the energy I feel as part of this movement is palpable on a level I've never experienced before. I've never been one to claim great gifts of sensitive or psychic awareness, but what I feel is out-of-this-world.

As a devotee of Babalon I hear her voice demanding I discard jaded cynicism and passive discontent for bold action and a willingness to risk losing my personal security.
In the streets every day I find more and more of my fellow magicians coming down to take a stand, to become agents of change. They report a similar undeniable sense of urgency.

Scarlet Imprint said...

Thanks Stian, that strikes home for us too.
Glad that magicians are taking to the streets and that you can feel the change. We were curious about what the feel was in the US.
It is happening.
Be bold!

In Nomine Babalon

Peter and Alkistis

Satanic Plastic said...

It's rather interesting how these people claimed esoterism has nothing to do with politics, ecology and economy.. Magick is all about the world even if we set our eyes in the skies and the netherworlds, speak to angels and demons, and gods.. But this world we're living in is the Kingdom, so no mistake.. The current world crisis is ALL relevant to magick and we need to take direct action.