Monday, 17 October 2011

Jack Parsons, Babalon, Witchcraft

Jack Parsons is still a name that is not widely known in witchcraft. Despite pre-dating Gardnerian Wicca and the later traditions, his ideas and writings have not gained the recognition that they rightly deserve.

What is most striking is how modern Jack seems, a rocket scientist whose discoveries literally put man on the moon. His writing is clear and empassioned, and cuts to the core of what witchraft is. A free thinker, rebel and libertarian who argued for sexual freedom and women's rights before it was fashionable. A bohemian who experimented with drugs, new ways of living, and dared to dream of what human potential could acheive.

Jack Parsons is the bridge between the generation of Crowley and the revolutionary potential unleashed in the sixties. It seems that the same revolutionary spirit is returning with the occupy movement and the increased profile of the psychedelic movement. Jack would be in favour of the renewed vigour being felt in magick and wider culture in these critical times. 

We discuss his work in The Red Goddess in relation to the Babalon Working and the emergence of Babalon into the modern world. His legacy has still not fully unfolded.

We've been talking for the past few years about Babalon, Jack and Witchcraft to audiences of pagans, witches and thelemites. This is a story that needs to be repeated. To that end, here is another field recording from Scotland this time made at the Wyrd Shop on Edinburgh's Royal Mile. A good introduction to Jack, and a different version to any of the writing that we have previously published on the subject. Again, we stress that this is a rough field recording made on simple equipment. We hope that the ideas presented in this way will impact upon more people and that both witchcraft and magic will acknowledge his ideas and take them forward.


caleb said...

really enjoying these talks you are putting up. if you have more keep them coming!

Scarlet Imprint said...

Thanks Caleb, we're waiting on the professional footage from The Summer of Love, so another four talks will be going live.
Getting a great response to this, so we will do what we can to record future events.

Chris said...

ok so I officially have a new Iopan Man Crush! I just needed to get that off my chest!

That done im looking forward to the Summer of Love recordings too as couldnt be there!

currently devouring Pomba Gira!

Scarlet Imprint said...

Thanks Chris!
We should have the Summer of Love recordings up this month.
We are planning to host another event next year, so hope you can make that one.