Wednesday, 21 September 2011

With hooves of steel we race on the rocks...

More upcoming events in the UK as we gallop towards the Autumn Equinox. 
We are refreshed from pilgrimage, back in the office and wrapping, packing and sending out books.

Conference of Magic

Bournemouth UK
Saturday October 1
£10 advance tickets.

The Bournemouth Pagan society go from strength to strength presenting a wide spectrum of talks from Egyptian Daemonology, Haitian Vodou, herb lore, and some Greek necromancy from Jake Stratton-Kent.

Jake Stratton-Kent, Mogg Morgan, Hounsi Sophia, Sef Salem, Ivy Kerrigan & Simon Wood.
Plus workshops.

Pagan Federation 40
London UK
Saturday October 8
£20-£25 non members.

The Pagan Federation turns 40 and with witchcraft and paganism facing some critical challenges we are interested to see how this community is responding.It looks like they are pulling out all the stops for this one. We note that they have chosen to mark a Venus number.

Ronald Hutton, Mogg Morgan, our dear friend Dr Julian Vayne, Caroline Wise et al in a packed day and optional night.

Day of the Dead Conference
Glastonbury UK
Saturday October 29
£20 with mexican buffet.

Botanica boys Jack and Jamie, will be hosting a Day of the Dead spectacular in Glastonbury.
Offerings will be made to the ancestors at a shrine to Santa Muerte and their are some dazzling talks promised. This is an important feast day and one that we are proud to support. Alkistis will be giving a new presentation and we are delighted to see so many strong women speaking in an often male dominated arena. 

Alkistis Dimech, Jake Stratton-Kent, Paul Weston, Josephine McCarthy, Charlotte Rodgers, Kim Huggens, and Pam Walker.

For those outside the UK looking for stimulation but lacking in real world events, we can recommend reading the collected Fenris Wolf  edited by Carl Abrahamsson whose work also appears in our own XVI. The return of Fenris Wolf as a truly independent occult journal is very welcome. This edition is likely to sell out pretty quickly, pick it up from Midian in the UK/Worldwide and JD Holmes in the US.

More book news to follow this week with the Crossed Keys fine edition here and the  Pomba Gira standard edition also due.

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