Friday, 30 September 2011

Magical bindings

Our books are a pleasure for the few, desired by many. 

We create books as magical objects, which carry not only the force of the words, but the charge and spirit which is inevitably lost in the mass-produced object.   

Today we welcome two major accolades for our work.
Though our audience remain the serious practitioners within the occult community, we have gained recognition outside of these restricted circles for the quality of the work which we are creating in the perhaps even more arcane world of the fine book arts.

The creation of beautiful books is an art form in and of itself and in which we still consider ourselves neophytes. Each book has its particular spirit to embody and bind.

Beneath each book is a pyramid of artisans. We also want to give complete credit to the bookbinders, papermakers and artists who we work with to realise these visions.

Our Kill all Kings edition of XVI has been shortlisted for the Limited Edition and Fine Binding category of the British Book Design and Production Award.

The Awards is one of the most prestigious and popular literary events of the year that recognises, promotes and acknowledges the excellence of the British book design and production industry.

This is a major achievement, placing us alongside major players such as Penguin and specialist presses alike. No other occult publisher has ever made it to the shortlist.

The fine edition of
XVI is an imposing slab of red leather in a dramatically incised slipcase with molten gold endpapers and charred edges. It is a dramatic and modern book which fuses traditional skills with bold design. The typography continues the drama with letters stacked into perilous towers that echo the substance of the text. Form meets function meets powerful prophetic writing.

Our nomination for the award is not for the content of the work, but it does remain strikingly apt as
XVI deals explicitly with the need to artistically engage with a culture and civilisation in collapse. It asks what magick can, should and must do in the face of ecological, economic and intellectual disintegration.

The fine edition of
XVI has of course sold out, but then that’s a good reminder to email us and join the subscriber list. Scarlet Imprint continues to gain momentum.

We’d further note that the linen cloth bound ‘standard’ edition of
XVI is still available and uses materials which would make it a fine edition for any sane publisher. As for the recent red water silk Pomba Gira, she is beyond being simply a temptation, she is irresistible. We know that our readers appreciate beauty, just as the spirits also appreciate these offerings.

The recognition continues, Alkistis has been commissioned to design a binding for the British Library celebrating 1000 years of the Bookbinders Art. Another major accolade, with her described by our bindery, which is one of the most esteemed in England, as ‘the best contemporary book designer we work with… by some margin’.

We are proud to be part of this heritage and supporting the craftsmen and women who preserve these arts.

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Strama_Kad said...


M.C. said...

This is a testament to the professionalism, artistic talen and above all the LOVE you two put into your work. I was just blowing smoke when I said the fine edition of CK was the most beautiful book I'd ever seen, and the astounding thing is that its no more or less beautiful than ANY of your fine editions. Truly museum worthy pieces, and I am honored my first work was with SI

Gordon said...

A splendid, well-deserved achievement.

Absolutely keep up the amazing work and definitely LET US ALL KNOW if voting for any of these is open to the public. :)

caleb said...

Fantastic. Well deserved recognition of your hard work. Anyone that owns a hardback copy of your books will surley testify to the quality and care that has gone in to their production. They are truly talismanic objects. In this day of PDFs and kindles it's nice to know the art is not lost.
Best of luck!