Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tantalising Finery

Magical publishing adds another skip load of imps to the already arcane world of printing press and binding bench. So we were delighted to receive two deliveries today in time for the full Moon, one van driver  'just happened' to pass our door today when he should have been making the delivery on Monday. With this post we can bring you two glimpses of tantalising finery.

Why tantalising? It is a woman's prerogative to make us wait, and we expect that from Pomba Gira! We worked through the nights to get the book to press. We sourced all the materials in advance so that they would be here for Nicholaj (in the brief window when he is in England rather than Brazil) for  The Summer of Love. We approved the proofs, the book blocks were all printed and we opened the pre-order.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, the printer folded the sheets incorrectly and the whole lot has been destroyed. Are we downhearted? No! With sacrifice we know that there is something worth the effort, and this is a sacrifice willingly given. We often encounter resistance in magical work, and this we greet laughing. So, our thanks to those who have pre-ordered and are patiently waiting. You will receive your rewards.  What we can give you is a glimpse of one of the three copies that they have hand sewn and bound up to show how she will look when she is properly dressed:

We have a feeling that this edition of 769 copies will be very sought after.
If you would like to add your praise to the lady, the pre-order is very much open here:

There is also still the opportunity to indulge in the fine edition here which promises to be even more sumptuous:

Those coming to the Summer of Love can have a fondle of the merchandise, so to speak.
We will update you all when we have a shipping date.

Continuing with the theme, the first approval copy of the Sable et d'Or fine bound edition of Crossed Keys also arrived here today, coinciding fortuitously with author Michael Cecchetelli's birthday.
It is a magnificent beast.

This fine edition is entirely sold out, and the following picture perhaps explains why:

This edition will be presented in a leather bag rather than a slipcase.
Those who have ordered a copy will be notified as soon as the whole batch is bound and ready.
Full photos will follow to sate the scarcely concealed bibliophile in all of us.

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