Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pomba Gira, the Keys to the Kingdom and the Sacred Harlot

Crossed Keys is getting a very strong initial reaction.
Both the nature of the contents and the form of the book are attracting high praise.

Two contrasting and lively reviews may be read here: http://burn-victim.blogspot.com/2011/07/devils-days.html and here: http://ravenconjure.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-review-crossed-keys.html

Both are blogs worth following.

By producing a working version of the Black Dragon and Enchiridion, Michael Cecchetelli has demonstrated the applicability of grimoire magic to the modern practitioner. His own personal journey is a testament to this. These are not books designed to sit on shelves but as Jake Stratton-Kent has opined, should be slipped into one's pocket and carried to the cemetery.

Though it can be valuable to provide reproductions of manuscripts from the library vaults, and here we cite the excellent work of Golden Horde and that of Joseph Peterson at the Twilight Grotto, Scarlet Imprint is engaged in a quite different project. We intend to illustrate the practical magical work that these texts are capable of inspiring. For that reason the Black Dragon is supplied with the working corrected seals which bring it into line with The True Grimoire, and make it possible to work the texts in parallel rather than preserving them in aspic.

The grimoire tradition is our neglected Western hoodoo. It also has profound implications for our understanding of Witchcraft, as it is within the grimoires that we find the catalogues of spirits and familiars, as well as the spellcraft, tools and techniques that high magic has not preserved. Again, we wish to stress that the divides betweeen witchcraft and magic are largely artificial, and that both communities should be engaged in more open dialogue. The grimoires are one place that this can occur.

For those whose curiosity is piqued, Crossed Keys is available in an egalitarian paperback Bibliotheque Rouge edition though you may be unable to resist the charm of the Good Catholic edition hardback.

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold continues to gain kudos for his masterly study of Palo Mayombe,  The Garden of Blood and Bones. For a proper understanding of necromancy, this is an essential text. It is rare to gain such access to the inner workings of Palo, and as an initiate, Nicholaj has written a respectful and insightful book which is suitable for both Paleros and those outsiders who wish to learn about the real nature of Palo rather than simply the shock value of encountering skulls in iron cauldrons.

Nicholaj has a further work on Pomba Gira imminent from Scarlet Imprint.
Book lovers beware, this is a real piece of candy...
Subscribers will be able to pre-order this title on Friday July 29.
If you wish to be added to our subscriber list, email us.
Pomba Gira is already at the printers and  will be published in time for his appearance at The Summer of Love.

The Red Goddess
is in stock and shipping in Her Bibliotheque Rouge incarnation, graced with incredible artwork from Christopher Conn Askew, fresh typography and burning with vitality. This Love letter to Babalon continues to ignite the imagination and inspire devotion to the Sacred Harlot. The Love Goddess is revealed in all her apocalyptic fervour. From Babylon to Jerusalem, Patmos to Prague, this is the missing history of the Holy Whore.
Perhaps it is time you were seduced? 

The Summer of Love
is fast approaching. Make your plans to join the boldest souls of the modern magical revival for a day and night of revelry in high summer.
This is a very rare chance to catch Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold in the UK, who will be speaking on the mysteries of Pomba Gira, the devil's mistress.
Jake Stratton-Kent will be cutting his customary dash, with serious reviews for his game-changing Geosophia finally starting to see the light.
Peter Grey will be presenting fresh research on both Red and Black Dragon. Stephen Grasso brings the Brixton voodoo. Alkistis Dimech roots magick in the body of the dancer. Ulysses Black takes off the masks. With dance and ritual performances, djs and disorder, this is going to be a blast. 
Tickets are available here     

Our best,

In Nomine Babalon

Peter and Alkistis


Frater A.I.T. said...

Absolutely beautiful! I would say only one thing, if I may, and that is that Hoodoo is our Western Hoodoo; America is part of the West, and we African-Americans are of Western Culture. Not European, but certainly Western. The Goetia itself has in fact been a part of our Hoodoo tradition for centuries.

Scarlet Imprint said...

Absolutely agree.
We were writing from a UK perspective, but are very excited about the potential and ongoing crossroads where these magical currents can meet.

Valeyard said...

Your teases of Pomba Gira certainly suit her nature. I'll be looking forward to the preorder...now to have a forwarding address to send it to. I hate being in address limbo.