Friday, 1 July 2011

Ink and Blood


The sliver of an eclipse this morning ends a week of computer meltdowns, phonecalls to printers and paper merchants, editing and expresso. It has been a veritable week of ink and blood, and this blog is to bring you all up to date on where we stand across our forthcoming titles.

Crossed Keys
It has been a longer than usual wait for our subscribers on this title as the Italian cloth on the standard edition took an extra month to arrive. One of the challenges of being a small publisher is in sourcing the bespoke materials for our projects, and the unavoidable delays this can incur.
Today we approved the blocked cover, and have been admiring the shot black and gold cloth. As befits this pairing of infernal and celestial grimoires the character of the book changes as the light strikes it. Photographing it accurately might prove problematic, but that again underlines the difference between the digital facsimilie and the book itself as a magical object.
The stamped canting arms are balanced, the typography charming, and we are extremely enthusiastic about these curious texts, the Black Dragon and the Enchiridion, being made available in the English speaking world.
Book blocks are all printed gathered and sewn. Our prayers should be answered next week when the finished books arrive and we can get them packed and shipped to you all.
Again, our thanks for your patience. If you haven't pre-ordered, the Crossed Keys page is here:

The fine Sable et d'Or editions is taking shape on the bindery bench, with the dragonskin leather having winged its way over from France, and one of our most spectacular bespoke marble papers to date. All copies of the fine edition are reserved or sold. This will be a treasure of a book.

In preparation for the arrival of our latest title(s) we have been through our stockroom, which is a suitably Raiders of the Lost Ark affair. There, nestling at the back were a few boxes of the platinum silk bound Datura's, which is great news for those who thought they had missed out on this title. If you would like to purchase one of these copies, email us at and we will organise an invoice for you. Datura is a serious work of poetry, lovingly edited by Ruby Sara and will be followed next year by Mandragora along with  a rouge edition of Datura.

The Red Goddess
It has been a feverish process getting The Red Goddess ready for Her Bibliotheque Rouge incarnation. We want this edition to be rather special, so we commissioned a new cover. 
We are going to be coquettish about it for a little longer, but we will upload an image when pre-order opens on July 7.
For now we thoroughly recommend looking at the website of Christopher Conn Askew whose powerful iconographic work will grace the Rouge edition.
From the response we have been getting since the 7/7/7 edition sold out, this book will catch fire.

Full details on The Red Goddess pre-order will be sent out to our subscribers on July 7, if you are not already on our subscriber list, email us to be added at:

We hope you all enjoy your weekends, ours will be spent working on Pomba Gira, with the aim to have it ready for August and The Summer of Love. More ink, more blood...

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