Friday, 24 June 2011

It keeps getting hotter

Stephen Grasso is a great late addition to the line-up for our Summer of Love on August 21 in Brighton, and a timely reminder to pick up your tickets as soon as you can. 

Details of his talk below to whet your appetite...

Smoke and Mirrors

Writer and witchdoctor Stephen Grasso unveils the hidden occult landscape of the City of London. Dark rum hits old stone at the crossroads and we enter heavy Voodoo terrain, tuning into the dub echoes of history. The mysteries of the boneyard and the buried river slide into focus. The lunar temple of St Pauls Cathedral opens its doors for witchcraft, and the chained giants of the Guildhall break their bonds. The nefarious cyclopean towers of the square mile are struck by lightning and wicked houses are marched on by zombie chimney sweeps and the intranquil dead. Our Lady of the Thames pulsates outside of time bringing life and freshness, and opening the way to the rebel territories south of the river where sorcerers dream and conspire. The wanton Green pushes up through grey paving slabs and a parliament of trees sits in judgement. The primal jungle under London speaks its mind. Senses are washed clear and duplicitous spells are undone. All cities have magic.

We will also be rounding up some decks so that we can add Stephen to our DJ line up alongside Nous. 

Les Mystères Soundsystem

Stephen Grasso digs through the crates and conjures fire in the dancehall with a selection of rare vinyl cuts from the African Diaspora magico-religoius traditions. Expect Haitian exotica, Cuban Lukumi mambo, Brazilian Orixa bossanova, New Orleans second line, Mardi Gras Indian funk and Obeah reggae. Yes, occult music you can cut
a rug to.

Stephen has of course graced the pages of both Devoted and XVI and many other publications, from Strange Attractor to Generation Hex. An engaging speaker and sharp dresser, we think he will be a great addition to throw into the mix.  

More Scarlet Imprint updates very soon on Crossed Keys, which we expect from the printer next week. The Red Goddess is soon to go to press and further details on Pomba Gira


Valeyard said...

Is their anyway a live (and recorded) webcast could be arranged for this event? It would enable those of us unable to make the event be able to participate and experience it vicariously.

Scarlet Imprint said...

We're going to talk to some podcasters about the possibility, there just aren't many in the UK compared to the US.

If there is anyone in the UK reading this with suggestions, feel free to let us know.

With many of our readers in the States and flung across the globe, this is something we'd like to do.