Friday, 25 March 2011

Day of the Magi

We will be attending The Day of the Magi in Bristol April 16th 2011.

Another one of the growing number of gatherings which are galvanising and energising the magical revival.

Jake Stratton Kent will be speaking on Necromancy as the full implications of Geosophia begin to reveal themselves, fresh from his enthused championing of the 'absent dead' at the Glastonbury Occult Conference.

An opportunity to see Stephen Skinner who is rarely in the country and speaks even more rarely, his last appearance was at the Occulture festival in 2009. Speaking on Angels and Demons of the Apocalypse.

The ever-engaging Charlotte Rodgers who appears in Devoted and has recently released a book on blood rites through Mandrake will be presenting on Blood Rites as Contemporary Devotional Practise.

David Cypher will be lecturing on Franz Bardon who is still unfairly overlooked in the contemporary magical discourse. David spoke engagingly last year at the Clun Grimoire Gathering on Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

Local piratical legend Mike Slater will also be shivering the timbers.

Ticket price of £15 includes a buffet lunch and the event promises to go long into the night.

Tickets can be bought online here

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