Saturday, 19 March 2011

Crossed Keys

Scarlet Imprint announce our forthcoming title Crossed Keys.
Comprising an important new translation by Michael Cecchetelli of The Black Dragon and the first English translation of the Enchiridion of Pope Leo III. The author notes that these translations were undertaken out of ‘...that obsessive desire to possess the unattainable’ and it is our opinion that they will enrich the living grimoire tradition.

The Black Dragon or to give its full title Le Veritable Dragon Noir: Les forces infernales soumises a l’homme is a French grimoire in the lineage of the bibliotheque bleue editions. A product of the heady diabolic atmosphere , this text illuminates both the Red Dragon/ Grand Grimoire and the Grimorium Verum, those working with them are commended to its study.
A truly infernal work, which contains both spirit workings and a clear operating system, it is also a compendium of eminently practical spells and counter spells which have been employed by the translator, who is a devoted practitioner of the arts.

In addition, the corrupted seals have all been sourced to their original texts, corrected and redrawn with the intent of making this a highly workable text.

Previously only available in the flawed IGOS translation and long out of print we are delighted to be making it available again.

The Enchiridion is by contrast one of the earliest grimoires with a first print date suggested as 1523, though notably adulterated with later material. Allegedly the book was presented by Leo III to Charlemagne and accounts for his victories and worldly power.

It is referred to repeatedly in the Black Dragon and as such can be considered an accomplice, hence they are united and bound into Crossed Keys.

The Enchiridion sets out what on the surface is a highly Christian system of litany, charms, spells and psalm magic guarding the bearer against poisons, perils, fire and tempest. However, psalm magic has pagan antecedents and magical heirs, a point often missed by modern magicians. The sacred technology once combined with the Black Dragon suggests that these are books to be used in a dangerous world and can still prove to be worth their weight in gold.
We will be announcing the subscriber pre-order for both rouge, standard and fine editions in early April.

If you would like to join our list simply send us an email to scarletimprintatgmaildotcom with the subject line ‘subscribe’.


IanC said...

Pre-order for the rouge edition? great idea!

Diane said...

Looking very much forward!!!