Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft

As a publisher we support the valuable work of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft donating our titles to their research library. They have also been kind enough to host our launch party for Datura and have been supportive of our work.

This year is the 60th anniversary of the Museum, and the 40th anniversary of it's move to Boscastle. The Museum is a valuable resource for the entire magical community. Archiving, cataloguing and preserving our witchcraft heritage as well as educating the wider public.

By becoming a Friend of the museum you can gain priority access to their extensive research library, get free admission and do volunteer work with them.

This is an important asset for all of us.

Those who have marvelled at The Occult Reliquary will understand that works like this would not be available if archives such as the Richel collection fell into private hands rather than being purchased by the Museum.

If you join or renew your membership before April 5 the Museum can claim Gift Aid and will also receive what is known as "Transitional Relief". This was an extra 3p in the £ that the government gave to compensate charities for the reduction in the basic rate of tax. From 6th April charities will lose the "Transitional Relief" but will still be able to claim some tax back.

If you join before 5th April 2011 it means the Museum gets an extra 60p in tax back on an Individual Membership.

Please consider sending in your membership forms and fees before 5th April. Every one the Mueseum receives before this date brings in at least an extra 60p per person on top of Gift Aid to support their work, and at no cost at all to yourselves.

To become a friend of the Museum please click here

Friday, 25 March 2011

Day of the Magi

We will be attending The Day of the Magi in Bristol April 16th 2011.

Another one of the growing number of gatherings which are galvanising and energising the magical revival.

Jake Stratton Kent will be speaking on Necromancy as the full implications of Geosophia begin to reveal themselves, fresh from his enthused championing of the 'absent dead' at the Glastonbury Occult Conference.

An opportunity to see Stephen Skinner who is rarely in the country and speaks even more rarely, his last appearance was at the Occulture festival in 2009. Speaking on Angels and Demons of the Apocalypse.

The ever-engaging Charlotte Rodgers who appears in Devoted and has recently released a book on blood rites through Mandrake will be presenting on Blood Rites as Contemporary Devotional Practise.

David Cypher will be lecturing on Franz Bardon who is still unfairly overlooked in the contemporary magical discourse. David spoke engagingly last year at the Clun Grimoire Gathering on Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

Local piratical legend Mike Slater will also be shivering the timbers.

Ticket price of £15 includes a buffet lunch and the event promises to go long into the night.

Tickets can be bought online here

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Crossed Keys

Scarlet Imprint announce our forthcoming title Crossed Keys.
Comprising an important new translation by Michael Cecchetelli of The Black Dragon and the first English translation of the Enchiridion of Pope Leo III. The author notes that these translations were undertaken out of ‘...that obsessive desire to possess the unattainable’ and it is our opinion that they will enrich the living grimoire tradition.

The Black Dragon or to give its full title Le Veritable Dragon Noir: Les forces infernales soumises a l’homme is a French grimoire in the lineage of the bibliotheque bleue editions. A product of the heady diabolic atmosphere , this text illuminates both the Red Dragon/ Grand Grimoire and the Grimorium Verum, those working with them are commended to its study.
A truly infernal work, which contains both spirit workings and a clear operating system, it is also a compendium of eminently practical spells and counter spells which have been employed by the translator, who is a devoted practitioner of the arts.

In addition, the corrupted seals have all been sourced to their original texts, corrected and redrawn with the intent of making this a highly workable text.

Previously only available in the flawed IGOS translation and long out of print we are delighted to be making it available again.

The Enchiridion is by contrast one of the earliest grimoires with a first print date suggested as 1523, though notably adulterated with later material. Allegedly the book was presented by Leo III to Charlemagne and accounts for his victories and worldly power.

It is referred to repeatedly in the Black Dragon and as such can be considered an accomplice, hence they are united and bound into Crossed Keys.

The Enchiridion sets out what on the surface is a highly Christian system of litany, charms, spells and psalm magic guarding the bearer against poisons, perils, fire and tempest. However, psalm magic has pagan antecedents and magical heirs, a point often missed by modern magicians. The sacred technology once combined with the Black Dragon suggests that these are books to be used in a dangerous world and can still prove to be worth their weight in gold.
We will be announcing the subscriber pre-order for both rouge, standard and fine editions in early April.

If you would like to join our list simply send us an email to scarletimprintatgmaildotcom with the subject line ‘subscribe’.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Draco Edition

The Draco edition of Geosophia is hand bound in quarter veiny vellum.
The differences in the arterial patterns ensure that every copy is unique.

The spine is illumintated with divine lightning revealing the weighty coils of the serpent, guardian of cthonic knowledge, from whom the golden fleece has been stolen.
The boards are finished with a sumptuous double marbled gold, purple and black paper.
The edition is ribboned and presented in a slipcase to form a set with its companion The True Grimoire.

All 54 copies have been reserved.

It only remains for each copy to be signed by the author Jake Stratton-Kent.
We will then send the books by courier to their destinations.
All books will be sent out in Mid-March.

Our readers in the United States will be aware that Homeland Security is causing delays to all inbound parcel post, however, this is not impacting on courier services.

We look forward to sending out these beautiful books.

Our congratulations once again to Jake Stratton-Kent for having the vision to pursue the grimoires back to their roots and produce a book which transforms our understanding of what the Western Tradition actually means.