Friday, 28 January 2011


Following the success of Datura: An Anthology of Esoteric Poesis, Scarlet Imprint, talismanic publisher of fine editions for the contemporary occult community, is pleased to announce plans for a second collection of esoteric poetry, to be titled Mandragora.

We are currently fielding poetry submissions from the global occult, magical and pagan communities for this work. Continuing in the same luminous, bejeweled tradition of excellence found in Datura, this new anthology will likewise combine a sampling of the best poetic work available from contemporary practitioners, as well as additional essays about the practice/performance of poetry, the role of poetry in devotional and ritual work, and the artistic culture of magic.

Our focus is on work that is ecstatic, fresh, well-crafted, and cuts to the heart of the savage beauty that runs beneath the surface of the observable world. Divine inspiration is unquestionably something we are looking for, but preferably with the acknowledgment that just because something came down directly from the aether of limitless potential, does not mean that it cannot be revised - to be honed and burnished until it shines like the star it was meant to be.

Work from a wide range of traditions/practices will be considered - Witchcraft, Magick, Hermeticism, Reconstructionist and Traditionalist Paganism, Thelema, Gnosticism, African Diasporic traditions, Shamanism, Folk practice, Rootwork, etc.

As evidenced in Datura, we are looking for ecstatic verse, praise poems, hymns, paeans, prayers, and free verse. We seek work that is experiential, expository, and raw. Work that penetrates the soul and worries it with its honeyed teeth. We want the best - shattering imagery, unhindered emotion, exquisite word-choice and keen attention to sound and rhythm. We are open to rhymed and form poetry if it is stellar. Longer poems will be considered, but we are looking primarily for a maximum of 50-60 lines. Work can be submitted in languages other than English, but must be accompanied by an English translation. Original work only - please do not submit translations or any other copies/editions/pieces of other people's work.

Submissions will be read and selected by collection editor Ruby Sara. To submit work to this project, please send 3-5 pieces of your best work along with a cover letter via email to Ruby Sara at Simultaneous submissions and previously published work will be considered - please include information of this nature in your cover letter. If you are interested in writing an essay for the collection, please contact Ruby Sara with a topic proposal.

The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2011.

Feel free to forward this call for submissions to any relevant community and/or any individual you feel would be interested.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Geosophia free pdf sample

We would like to share the Introduction to Jake Stratton-Kent's Geosophia as a pdf.
This extract showcases JSK's formidable talent as scholar, writer and magician. An opening salvo in a major two volume work of epic scope.
It is our contention that Geosophia is a defining moment for the Western Magical Tradition, a text which asks us to fundamentally rethink our history. To seek an origin for our magic not simply in late Qabalah or the Golden Dawn and its offshoots, but in a far older strata which JSK convincingly argues has been transmitted to us through the Grimoires.

geosophia pdf

Wishing you all the best for 2011.

A year which promises radical change.