Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Going Postal

Less of a blog and more of a quick update.
Xmas post and weather this year seems to be causing a lot of delays.
If you have ordered and received an email from us, rest assured your books are on the way.

Paradoxically enough it seems to be the books sent in the first wave which are taking longest to arrive. One of the delights of Mercury retrograde.

If you have any concerns about your books, do drop us an email.

For those on our subscriber list, expect an email on January 6 with details and pre-order for our latest title.


Apparently the delay is with customs in the US who are only letting through packages slowly as they process them. This is a a real headache as it is the books which were sent first which are subject to the longest delays.

Our continued apologies but this is beyond our control.

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