Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Occult of Personality

Scarlet Imprint are featured in episode 93 of The Occult of Personality podcast.

...Peter and Alkistis describe their magickal paths and how they arrived at the vocation of publishing fine books. They describe Scarlet Imprint and its purpose of producing magickal texts that are original, unique, and beautiful talismans. They discuss their dedication to providing quality texts to other practitioners and breaking boundaries.

This was an in depth discussion we were delighted to engage in.
We hope others find it equally stimulating.

The podcast can be listened to here:

The topics covered range from Babalon to Thelema to ritual and with a particular emphasis on the radical ideas proposed in XVI.

We fully support the work of Greg in producing these podcasts which are a real asset to the global occult community. Do show your support by considering donating or subscribing to the podcast.

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