Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Omphalos Equinox Fair 2010

Omphalos Equinox Fair 2010

St. James Wine Vaults
St. James square
Bath, UK
Saturday 18 Sunday 19 September 2010

We will be attending this two day festival organised by the Omphalos group in Bath, UK.
Excellent to see one of the few serious magical moots in England continuing to thrive and put on events.

For those who can't make it to the Grimoire Gathering in Clun this is another chance to see Jake Stratton-Kent. Also looking forward to Scarlet Imprint author Levannah Morgan (The Ishtar Diaries in Devoted) talking on Maya Deren and Kenneth Anger. It looks like an excellent line-up over two days in a friendly and unpretentious venue for a very reasonable price.

SATURDAY 2PM sharp until 7PM

Opening Ritual - Through A Mirror Darkly

MOGG MORGAN - The Companionship of Set; readings from The Grimoire of Set

ADEBISI DATA ADEKUNLE - The Seven African Powers in Ifa Magic and Spirituality

LEVANNAH MORGAN - The Magickal Avantgarde; the films of Maya Deren (The Divine Horsemen) and Kenneth Anger (Lucifer Rising) - with video excerpts


Private Party down in the Vaults
Sharron Kraus and Omphiucus followed by the Devil's best tunes to keep you dancing 'til midnight


GERALDINE BESKINE - How We Made Magick Modern, a true occult review from the owner of the Atlantis Bookshop.

KARL LE MARCS - A History of the Hellfire Club given by the author of "Collapsing the Consciousness wave" and Steward of The Hell Fire Club (Red Horse Vale Chapter)

JAKE STRATTON KENT - Goetic Fusion, a discussion of the synergy of goetic magic with African diaspora traditions; a possible future for Western Occultism?

Full details of the event can be found here:

TICKETS: Saturday and Sunday £5.50 per day / £8.00 on the door.
Available here:

For all enquiries email

Or see Facebook!/event.php?eid=145648028787914

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