Monday, 12 July 2010


We will be releasing future titles under the Bibliothèque Rouge banner, as simple affordable paperbacks alongside our Scarlet Imprint hardback and fine editions. Taking inspiration from the Bibliothèque Bleue which put all manner of books, including grimoires, into the hands of everyman and everywoman, these pocketbook manifestos will be simple editions. As an example of the potency of low magic.
As a way to get the words out in the world.

The Bibliothèque Bleue changed the magical and social landscape of Europe by wresting books from the hands of the aristocrats, clerics and middle classes.

We intend to create the same degree of change in a culture bloated on media but starved of the mythic, the magic, and the truly transformative. Fundamental to our ethos for Bibliothèque Rouge is that contemporary esoteric thought and practice are accessible to all.

The first title we will release simultaneously in both Scarlet Imprint and Bibliothèque Rouge editions will be Volume II of the Encyclopaedia Goetica by Jake Stratton-Kent, a ground-breaking work in two volumes.

This title is scheduled for October 2010.

With Scarlet Imprint we will continue to support the work of artisans and craftsmen making books of lasting value.

With Bibliothèque Rouge we will ensure that the transmission of information and knowledge is unrestricted.

(More news on the new title from JSK will be released in our next subscriber newsletter.)

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