Thursday, 29 April 2010

Jake Stratton-Kent at Aquae Sulis

Omphalos Magick Moot is delighted to welcome Jake Stratton-Kent as our guest speaker for May.

Jake describes himself as an `unaligned pagan Thelemite'. A practical magician for nearly four decades, his focus is the grimoires and the Hellenic world. Scarlet Imprint recently published his reconstructed and extensively commented edition of the Grimorium Verum under the title The True Grimoire, the first volume of his Encyclopaedia Goetica. He is currently working on Volume Two, an extensive survey of the Greek origins and mythic background of goetia, with its roots in chthonic religion and the magical papyri.

Properly understood goetic magic is the only continuous tradition in modern neo-paganism. These origins permit a magical renaissance separate from the later Judaeo-Christian redaction of ancient magic.

Date: Sunday 9th May 2010
Venue: Upstairs at the St James Wine Vaults, St James Square, Bath BA1 2TW.
Time: 2pm for a 2.30pm start
Cost: £5.00 on the door

The Omphalos Magick Moot will continue in the afternoon with a talking stick style discussion. Regular Omphalos meetings are on the second Sunday of each month, upstairs at the St James Wine Vaults.

For those on facebook, the event can be found here

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