Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Grimoire Gathering 2010

Imprint are pleased to announce that we are supporting the Grimoire Gathering 2010.

The event is taking place on Saturday September 11 2010 in Shropshire on the Welsh Borders.
We will be selling books and our author Jake Stratton-Kent will be speaking on The True Grimoire.

The full line up for the day is:

David Cypher on Agrippa & the Four Books of Occult Philosophy
David Rankine on The Key of Solomon
Jake Stratton-Kent on the Grimorium Verum
Geraldine Beskin on Frederick Hockley, Magician

This promises to be a serious event, given the credentials of the speakers and the heritage of the organisers.
If you are a committed student or practitioner in the grimoire tradition this is an essential event.

The website for the event is still under construction, but tickets are available online now at a very reasonable £10 a head.


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