Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Black Pilgrims

We are putting the finishing touches to our speeches for Cornwall and Scotland.
As ever, we enjoy the opportunity of actively engaging with our readers.
Simply publishing books is not enough, if we are to support the grassroots magickal revival.

Cornwall is close to our heart, one of the last vestiges of wild magic and witchcraft on an increasingly tracked and crowded island.
It is good to be able to speak to a pagan and witchcraft audience about the neglected work of Jack Parsons.
We see much in common between serious magick and serious witchcraft. Or if you are fluent in Cornish, 'proper-job witchcraft'.
This is also another opportunity to visit the Witchcraft Museum at Boscastle, an amazing resource, whose work we have long supported.

We will then be fleeing like displaced Templars to Scotland. For us it is a chance to follow in the footsteps of Earl Bothwell for reasons that will be clear to readers of The Red Goddess. Though the churchyard where he cursed James I with his coven is no longer there, the hungry sea remains. Rosslyn is also on our itinerary and has been on our pilgrimage list since before the atrocious prose of Dan Brown swamped it with credulous tourists.

If you want to attend these speaking events, please pre-book with our hosts, as space is limited.

Details are listed on our previous blog entries.

Subscribers will be receiving our much anticipated email for Datura on March 15.
If you are not on our list, do contact us to be added.

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