Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Frost cracked seeds

Despite England being embittered in ice and snow the first Glastonbury Occult Conference was an outrageous success.
For too long the town has been abandoned to an amorphous paganism, but in the dead of winter the magicians crept back in.
It seems insane that Glastonbury with it's profusion of associations with magic, from Dee to Dion Fortune has not held a single magickal event of note. We have now, as the dominant gynocracy swanning up and down the High Street would say, reclaimed it.

It is high time that there were events in the UK outside of the ring-pass-not of the M25.
For us it was a pleasure to be back in the West.
We would like to see this fire spread to Scotland, the North and across Europe.
It can be done.

Jamie gets our praise, not simply for his Brazilian tequilas, but for daring to create this first event.

We would like to credit those who were bold enough to support this event and we are prepared to name names: Magic Box and Labyrinth Books, Hadean Press, Midian Books and Hellfire Club Books. Our readers who made it to the event, we cannot thank enough. You are making the magical revival happen and we count you as both peers and friends.

Jake Stratton-Kent compered, and gave deeper insight into his work as a Necromancer including reading from both The True Grimoire and Diabolical (his essay in Diabolical is for us, the clearest exposition of the practice of Goetic work in print). He also demonstrated still further the connections between the traditions of Greek magic and the Grimoires.

It was a pleasure for us to bring our Goddess to Glastonbury in all Her red spendour. For those who asked about the publication of the new material debuted in our speech 'Seeing Through Apocalypse' it will form the basis of two essays in a forthcoming collection.

It takes a hard frost to split the seeds lying dormant in the ground, but new growth is now assured.

There will be another Conference next year.

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