Monday, 28 September 2009

Seattle Esoteric Book Conference Review

We were delighted to be invited to speak at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle.

It unfolded into an inspiring event.

Rather than waiting for something to happen, William Kiesel (Ouroborus Books), Catamara Rosarium and Michael Kolson (Night of Pan) made magick manifest.

Over two days of talks and a night of ritual theatre, the attendees were captivated by a true representation of the diversity of the Esoteric Community. More than that, the event was professionally stage-managed and run, with a feast of books to browse and buy between talks. It was a triumph of independent small publishers who make books for love rather than money.

Of particular personal interest to us were Micheal Staley relating his experiences in the Typhonian Order, Amy Hale on Ithell Colqhoun, Thomas Karlsson of the Dragon Rouge, and Daniel Schulke of the Cultus Sabbati.
However, we attended almost all the talks and were favourably impressed by the entire roster of speakers.

The erudition of the audience was also impressive. It is a pleasure to find so many well-informed occultists who still have the passion to act. This energy is as infectious as fire.

What we found overwhelming was the warmth and openness of all who were there. Our thanks for the words of support, the conversations, the raw salmon, the red roses, and the gifts of books and knowledge.

The ideas which we presented will find fuller expression in Seven Heads and Seven Veils, a title which we hope to complete in the next year.

After a whirlwind visit we spent the Equinox being dragged through the time-zones and back to Europe.

Something has started.

For those within striking distance of Seattle, we suggest you make your plans for next year.

We intend to return.

In Nomine Babalon

Peter and Alkistis x