Friday, 20 February 2009

Occulture Festival 2009

Scarlet Imprint are proud to support the reborn Occulture Festival in 2009.Taking place in London on May 23rd at the opulent Courtyard Theatre. This promises to be a stunning event, with cutting edge speakers, art and performances.

The full line-up is very enticing.

You can also friend them on myspace at

We hope to see you there.

In Nomine Babalon

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Monday, 16 February 2009

Voudon Gnosis Freya Aswynn Review

A great new review of Voudon Gnosis by Freya Aswynn, which can also be found at her blog here

Voudon Gnosis Review by Freya Aswynn

Ever so rare a book comes along which changes ones
paradigm permanently. The first book which impacted on my mind and set
my magickal Path was: Secrets of Dr Taverner by Dion Fortune and this
was in Dutch in 1968.

Many books came after, and now in 2008 forty years later another book has a
similar impact.: Voudon Gnosis by David Beth a genuine Adept and True

This book is beautifully produced in shiny black cover embossed with a Seal.

I am reading it for the second time, it’s not a big book, but the content is a condensed version of various systems of Magick under the umbrella of Voudon.

I think that the term Voudon is used here as ‘Spirits Work’ and does not exclusively apply to the African Magickal Tradition but
can equally implemented within a Germanic/Norse magickal paradigm.
How could it be otherwise any True initiation manual has to be ‘universalist’.

Yes, my dear Asatru friends I am universalist, guilty as charged! Like it or lump it!

Any authentic occult system will correspond with others. This book is full of ‘triggers’ opening channels of knowledge, which reside in the collective Mind. If we consider the scientific fact that the Black Race is the oldest form of Homo Sapiens the first to appear from Africa and dispersing all overthe planet, it stands to reason that their gods and mysteries are also the oldest on the planet, from which may all others could be derived.

In the Nordic system here is mention of a primal goddess named ‘Nott’ or Night’.

This is not a book for beginners, it’s far to complicated and one must have
an familiarity with the occult concepts and jargon. But for those who
want to go beyond religion into the magick it’s a must. Some serious
excellent sorcery!

It has a strong content of‘sexual’ magick, perhaps this must seem odd to you my faithful friends
as I am a sworn celibate, however it doesn’t stop me adapting it intomy own magickal work obviously without breaking my vows.

There are only 550 copies printed so get your order in NOW! Let’s face it if
it’s beyond you current scope of occult understanding you either study
hard and catch on sell it one year later on Ebay for a multiplicity of
the money you paid.

Topics include: Las
Prise des Yeaux, Points Chauds, Spider Sorcery and Time Travelling,
Elemental Sex Magick and The Grimoire Ghuehde; there are also two
appendices ‘Nganga and the Fetish’ and ‘A-Mor: an initiated analysis of
Love’. Author David Beth is the Sovereign Grand Master for the
international Voudon Orders and is the Presiding Bishop of the Ecclesia

For those who are really interested but hesitant I suggest listening to the pod cast of David.


Saturday, 14 February 2009

We Are One

Dear Friends and Subscribers,

Happy Valentines day.

This is officially our birthday.
We are one, and it has been an incredible first year.
2009 is going to be very important for us, with some striking publications slated for production.
Our creative exile deep in the Alps is proving to be inspirational.
Work continues on important manuscripts and artistic and magical projects.

We have broken our silence and emailed all of our subscribers with the details of our newest title.

(Please check your spam folder if you have a particularly ferocious email client.)

If you are not on our subscribers list, take this as a timely reminder, and email us to be added.
There are some very limited and desirable books imminent.


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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Devoted review by Dr Julian Vayne

has done it again. Another ravishing text which combines tasteful production with quality writing. Bound in saffron coloured book cloth with a cut back design which, depending on how you look at it, is either a chalice or two faces about to kiss. By all means judge this book by its beautiful cover.

The collection of essays found in Devoted are tales of the bhakti yoga of modern magick. Levannah Morgan described her allegiance to Inanna. Stephen Grasso leads us into the society of the Loa. Peter Grey reveals more on his worship of Babalon. In total fifteen essays, which provide an excellent range, both in style of writing and of the diverse of spirits to which the contributors are consecrated.

In common with previous productions from this energetic publishing house, we have not only quality and substance but also novelty, for these are quintessentially modern practitioners of the arcane arts. If nothing else this book demonstrates successfully that prayerful, even 'religious' praxis within occultism is thriving. Through these essays we are introduced to fourteen occultists who have a living relationship with their gods. This makes a pleasant change from the model that presents spirits as being endogenous psychic productions.

My only reservation is that I want more! (But perhaps that is the doom of those who are devoted!) Not merely more details about methodology (some of the writers in this collection are painfully honest about their techniques). I guess it's that Devoted left me hungry for more of the intensity of experience that our authors have found in their adorations.

In Devoted we hear voices that speak directly from the visionary state. This book is a poetic download from magicians living in the rapture of their gods, and their hymns of praise are quite intoxicating.

-Julian Vayne

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