Monday, 2 November 2009

New title DIABOLICAL available now

Diabolical various
Introduction by Peter Grey

Edited by Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey

Diabolical is a weighty tome of over 350pp.
With nine colour plates of original infernal artwork from Stafford Stone, Kyle Fite, Thomas Karlsson, and Johnny Jakobsson.
Bound in red cloth shot through with charred black.
The cover is stamped with the devil's verse in heavy black fractur.

It comes in an edition of 999 copies, hand numbered in dragon's blood ink.

A copy of the No Smoke Without Fire Edition can be yours for thirty-five English pounds.

The Grimoire tradition is being reinvigorated in the living practice of the carcists, magicians and sorcerors who dare to work with these books.

Those of us who do this work, regardless of whether we trepass amongst the angels or daemons, are often slandered as diabolical. Our books are also regarded as diabolical, being incomprehensible, demonic and without spiritual or practical value.

We throw this back at our accusers by demonstrating that these books are more complex than black and white theology allows, and as repositories of forbidden knowledge are worth their weight in gold. This is where the spirits lie.

We are upholding our side of the pact and continuing to produce the most groundbreaking and relevant titles of the modern occult revival. To this end, Scarlet Imprint have convened an international cabal of writers and artists from England, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Canada and America.

Our writers for this project are:

Jake Stratton-Kent
Eric de Pauw
Aaron Leitch
Paul Hughes-Barlow
Mark Smith
Stafford Stone
Thomas Karlsson
Johnny Jakobsson
The Anonymous author of Pharaoan
Humberto Maggi
John J. Coughlin
Krzysztof Azarewicz
Donald Tyson
Kyle Fite

These individuals meet for the first time within the pages of our newest title, Diabolical and give tongue to their excursions into these texts and others:

The Red Dragon/Grand Grimoire
Grimorium Verum
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

The Testament of Solomon
The Nightside of Eden
The Wisdom of S'lba
Liber 231
Liber 325 The Bartzabel Working
The Holy Books of Thelema
The Voudon Gnostic Workbook
The Taufer books...

Substantial original essays and inspired original artwork, in a striking talismanic production, Diabolical will astound you.

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