Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Diabolical Evening

A Diabolical Evening

The Horse Hospital
Central London
Thursday October 29
Mass celebrated at 7pm sharp

Scarlet Imprint are hosting an infernal evening for their new title Diabolical at the Horse Hospital on October 29. This is no secular book launch. Please dress for the kind of deeply religious experience not seen since Loudon.
All demoninations are welcome.

Order of Service

Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech will offer unholy communion to initiate the evening.

Startling new talent Johnny Jakobsson will deliver a sermon on how to form a Pact from his extensive work with the notorious Grand Grimoire. This is the most infamous aspect of the grimoire tradition.

Jake Stratton Kent with his hellfire and brimstone delivery will be preaching on the Grimorium Verum. As the most notorious conjuror in all England, we suggest you take note.

Our Organist, on decks and effects, will be experimental musician Nous playing a selection of hymns for the night.

A whole choir of our authors will be in attendance all well-scrubbed and cherubic, willing to divulge the secrets of necromancy to neophytes for a glass of ale. Or simply deflower your book.

There will of course be ample opportunity to waft your thurible and shake your cassock with the unruly congregation who you will be sharing pews and alcoves with.

To have your name inscribed in the very limited guests list, please rsvp to:

For more information on Diabolical see