Saturday, 29 August 2009

Tortured by the Muse

There is precisely one month left for those who wish to submit to our poetry anthology.
Still enough time to be included in what will be a revolutionary collection of work.

This new anthology will combine a sampling of the best poetic work available from contemporary practitioners with additional essays about the practice of poetry as occult art form, poetic spiritual devotion, and the artistic culture of magic.

We will pull from a wide range of traditions and focus on work that is ecstatic, fresh, well-crafted, and cuts to the heart of the savage beauty that runs beneath the surface of the observable world.

Divine inspiration is unquestionably something we are looking for, but preferably with the acknowledgment that just because something came down directly from the aether of limitless potential, does not mean that it cannot be revised - to be honed and burnished until it shines like the star it was meant to be.

We are looking for ecstatic verse, praise poems, hymns, paeans, prayers, and free verse poetic work that is experiential, expository, and raw. Work that penetrates the soul and worries it with its honeyed teeth. We want the best - shattering imagery, unhindered emotion, exquisite word-choice. We are open to rhymed and form poetry if it is stellar. Longer poems will be considered, but we are looking primarily for a maximum of 30-40 lines. Work can be submitted in languages other than English, but must be accompanied by an English translation. Original work only - please do not submit translations or any other copies/editions/pieces of other people's work.

Full information and the email details of our poetry editor can be found here

PS If you are a Subscriber, you should have recieved an email on Friday about our latest title.
Those locked in the grip of a particularly aggressive email filter may wish to check their spam folder.

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