Saturday, 14 February 2009

We Are One

Dear Friends and Subscribers,

Happy Valentines day.

This is officially our birthday.
We are one, and it has been an incredible first year.
2009 is going to be very important for us, with some striking publications slated for production.
Our creative exile deep in the Alps is proving to be inspirational.
Work continues on important manuscripts and artistic and magical projects.

We have broken our silence and emailed all of our subscribers with the details of our newest title.

(Please check your spam folder if you have a particularly ferocious email client.)

If you are not on our subscribers list, take this as a timely reminder, and email us to be added.
There are some very limited and desirable books imminent.


Scarlet Imprint x

1 comment:

brewsugar said...

"There are some very limited and desirable books imminent."

I understand your wish to make these books widely available; and as such it is misleading to those who are attracted to "very limited" editions, to represend what will be re-issued within a year as another "limited edition", as such.

I am a subscriber with limited means, who has supported Scarlet Imprint, because I want these kind of limited and desirable editions to continue. However there is an implicit understanding that this be reciprocated by not devaluing such loyalty by issuing reprints every year, and particularly in identical editions, as has been done, and now appears to be your policy.

You could simultaneously reward your loyal subscribers who pinch pennies to buy these editions, often in advance, which prepays your costs; and at the same time, make these works widely available, as follows: You produce a limited semi-luxury edition, and also a mass-market paperback at a substantially reduced price to those who cant afford the Hardback versions. This would not only be more honest, it would also advance your stated objective to keep these works widely available.

Drip-feeding expensive editions serves neither the bibliophiles who fund the initial printings, nor those who cant afford the expensive versions.

I like your books, and I want to support their being published. But I'm not happy with the editions being advertised as limited editions, only to see them reprinted within 12 months as an identical "limited" edition.

For now, I think I'll wait until later to order, rather than pre-order; there appears to be no rush, and I'll have more cash later.