Friday, 28 November 2008

Voudon Gnosis - back in stock

Dear Friends,

Our printers have just delivered the re-print of Voudon Gnosis to us.
It has been a frustrating delay for our readers and David Beth, but the wait is now over. We settle for nothing less than excellence.
We would also like to make it clear that we are using a different printer for Devoted and all future titles. But let's leave talk of that until after the weekend..

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

Finally, a clear exposition of the Voudon Gnostic system of Michael Bertiaux and the work of La Couleuvre Noire.
The thriving multiverse of artistic imagination which this current represents has been explored by Kenneth Grant, but this is the first text giving the inside experience of an initiand.
A fascinating and challenging glimpse into the Voudon system, it is both a gateway for students and an inspiration for those looking for a more creative occultism.
This book is a perfect introduction to the complexities of that strangest of all modern grimoires, Bertiaux'sVoudon Gnostic Workbook.
Expanding upon the groundwork of his essay in Howlings, David Beth guides us through this eclectic, syncretic and highly personal system of sorcery which nevertheless has come from a genuine Haitian lineage.
Those looking for the wilder atavistic energies of sex magick, as we find embodied in the art of Austin Osman Spare, will find much of interest in this book. Voudon Gnosis outlines a more complex and highly developed system of sex magick than is found in the secret grade papers of the Western magickal tradition.

Voudon Gnosis covers:

Las Prise des Yeaux
Points Chauds
Spider Sorcery and Time Travelling
Elemental Sex Magick
The Grimoire Ghuedhe

With appendices on:

Nganga and the Fetish
A-Mor, an initiated analysis of Love

David Beth is the Sovereign Grand Master for the international Voudon Orders and is the Presiding Bishop of the Ecclesia Aeterna. A tireless ambassador, teacher and speaker, David is one of the key players and most charismatic characters in the modern occult revival.