Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Great Voudon Cocktail Massacre

The spirits were out in force at the launch of Voudon Gnosis, we thought we'd share the write up of the event from Treadwells:

The official record of the Voudon Gnosis launch party is a little stream-of-consciousness, as the recollections of magical states so often are. The bare statistics are for the record:
The Book: Voudon Gnosis.
The Author: David Beth.
The Publisher: Scarlet Imprint / Peter Grey.
The Editor: Scarlet Imprint: Alkistis Dimech.
The Launch Venue: Treadwell's Bookshop.
The Drink: Rum & Coke, courtesy of Scarlet Imprint.
The Party: 80 of the most extraordinary magical people alive today who could make their way to Covent Garden.

So that's the raw data. Then to the ineffable. What a night it was.

Arrivals from Italy, from Central Europe, hugs and kisses in four languages, bags and cases piled everywhere in the corners of Treadwell's. The generosity of the publishers with Rum & Cokes in highball glasses. A senior Thelemite waving pom-poms over the author. Smoking of cigar in a ceremonial fashion. A voudoniste bookdealer lying on the Treadwell's kitchen floor in paralytic bliss. An occultist waltzing with a magical artist in the quiet upstairs of the shopfloor. The Bulgarian sitar-player laughing with friends. The raven-tressed New York fashion model smiling shyly. Excited murmerings about upcoming Kenneth Grant lectures. London's regal Isis priestess holding court at the bar. A Hecate priestess whispering into her ear the secrets of dark goddesses. The quiet ghost-hunter nodding gently. The editor in her stunning stilettos and gracious intelligence. Spare enthusiasts flirting amongst each other. The tarot master and the flame-haired shamaness laughing to banish mundanity with the legendary Stella Damiana.

And eventually, eventually... a bedraggled and happy departure before midnight from the little golden-lit shop into the night, to the after-hours clubs. Once again, the oak-panelled confines of PJ's piano bar in Wellington Street received the rum-sodden magicians for more drinks and their occult bonhomie.

This is one to remember. Thanks for being the most remarkable people.

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