Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Blood on the Sheets

Dear Friends,

The first public responses to The Red Goddess are being posted online, and we are thrilled with the reaction, as well as the emails sent to us.

Wanted to share this latest one from Lashtal forums with you all:

I got my copy of The Red Goddess a few days ago and I've done little more than read it since it arrived. It's a gorgeous book. It was expensive (at US$93 incl shipping), but 3/4 of the way through it, I can tell you: Man is it worth every penny! This is a serious piece of business. I'm not a Thelemite, nor a card-carry member of any tradition, but I am a practicing Tantrist and have studied and used various Western and Eastern practices for most of my life. I've never NOT been a devotee of The Goddess. With that as background, I count this as one of the best books I've ever read in the field. Peter Grey is a phenomenal writer. He's obviously well-researched, well-read, and well-practiced, but there's a relaxed, cocky, almost punk-rock style to his prose. There's real heart, gut, and immediacy here, and a kind of intoxicated lyricism -- it's gonzo occultism! But that's all balanced with sound scholarship, big ideas, and a palpable devotion to the subject matter. This is a man who LOVES his Holy Whore. As to do I. I'm so thrilled to be able to add this book as a tool in my devotion.

I can't recommend this book highly enough. I can only hope that after he's exhausted the 777 copies in this edition, he puts out a cheaper general market version. This is few nights in bed with the Goddess (I've been up till dawn the last two nights reading it) that everyone working with Her (or those just interested in knowing what the attraction is) should experience.

On a more tiresome note, the first overpriced copy has sneaked onto ebay.
This is a contraversial book and will scald a few readers into selling it on, that is also a sign of success, the books will all find their rightful owners. We still have plenty of stock left though, and without a marked up price. Again, thanks to our friends who draw our attention to these online listings. We are vigilant.

All our best,

In Nomine Babalon

Scarlet Imprint x

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