Thursday, 17 July 2008

BABALON in Oxford

Dear Friends.

Peter has been confirmed as opening the Thelemic Symposium in Oxford with an evocative piece on Babalon.
This will be a thirty minute prose reading, following similar lines to The Red Goddess but with some new material.
We are delighted to be speaking at this event and being given the opportunity to do this.

The Symposium is on October 4 running from midday to one in the morning.
As Peter is on first, you'll need to be there on time to catch his speech.
Full details of other speakers and how to buy tickets can be found here:

There are only 120 tickets, so we would suggest that if you are interested you buy soon to avoid disappointment.

The Thelemic symposium is not linked to one particular form of OTO or orthodoxy.
This is something which we applaud, standing as we do deliberately outside of the politics that rather dominate the scene.
There are a wide range of speakers from David Beth of the OTOA /LCN to Mike Magee of AMOOKOS.
It is an event we fully endorse.

We hope that the event inspires others, it would be wonderful to see individuals deciding to organise and invite speakers to Scotland, the North of England, Wales, Ireland, and Europe.
The revival stands and falls on the ability of individuals to take action, organise and make it happen, much like magick.

We hope to see some of you there.

In Nomine Babalon

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