Sunday, 27 April 2008

Glass Coffins

Dear Friends

One of the hazards of producing Talismanic books is the speculator.
We do everything within our power to prevent our books being bought, hoarded and then re-sold still un-opened.
On the rare occasions that this happens we blacklist the seller and do not sell them any further titles.

Scarlet Imprint produces texts with a deliberate magickal purpose.
We intend to create change. Our blood is in these books.

The internet means that we can tell who is speculating, and receive kind emails from our readers to let us know when it occurs.
To see still sealed copies on ebay is extremely frustrating to us.
We want our books to be loved, but most crucially read and Worked with.
This is happening.

Magick is not the preserve of the collector or the speculator. Perhaps if they loosed the ribbons and read the last chapter of The Red Goddess they might begin to understand this.

Magick defends itself.

All our Love,

In Nomine Babalon,

Scarlet Imprint x

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